Should We Get A Dog?

What do you think? Should we? I think I already know the answer to this. I have a feeling that you are probably going to say YES. I can hear it now, "But Marissa, they are so cuddly, and cute, and man's best friend, and it will keep you company when your husbands away, and it'll protect your house, and blah blah blah." I KNOW dogs are wonderful, I really do. 

My family had dogs growing up and they were awesome. Cody was super lovable, he had very little brain power, and he just wanted you to pet him or hold his hand. Seriously. He liked to hold peoples hands.... Abbey was kind of moody, some might even call her bitchy or a princess. She didn't like to go outside when it was wet and she was really picky about how her bed was set up, but she was super attuned to human emotion, like a little nurse dog. Both have since passed away, but I still think of them fondly.

My sister has a dog, and he's like the coolest dog I've ever met. He's crazy intelligent, he can play Frisbee all day long, and he doesn't have to be on a leash. He's also really quirky; he freaks out when people hug, and when he's super excited he jumps around like a bucking bronco. Whenever I visit home and spend some time around him, I consider how fun and entertaining it could be to have a dog. 

Titan - Feb 2013 (On his third birthday)
You see, I do understand all of the advantages of having a dog, and sometimes I think it would be nice to come home and have a happy little face be super excited to see me. 

But then reality sets in, we love to travel. Even if it's just for a weekend. Usually we are out of town at least two weekends out of the month. We also work regular business hours and while I know that dogs can go eight hours or so without going to the bathroom, I still would feel bad leaving him/her alone all day. Then there's the expense of it all... if we do go away we have to pay someone to watch the dog, we might have to pay for a dog walker during the week, and God forbid the dog gets sick or needs some kind of crazy surgery! 

Suddenly, all of the advantages of having a dog take a back seat to the reality of it. It's not that we couldn't handle having a dog, because if we did, we could. But right now I don't think I want the added responsibility of it. 

And then I see a picture like this...

and my heart melts. Pardon me, I have a puppy to buy... 

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