Living Room Refresh

Without making any big promises, I'm happy to inform you that I have a few pieces of content lined up that will be making their way to this dusty old blog. The first of which is... my refreshed living room (see photo above)!!! 

It was really time. I mean honestly, we had been living with the same sad taupe couches for like 10 years, and while they were a great deal when I bought them (many many moons ago) they definitely left much to be desired in terms of "style." So after a year of looking for couches that would meet our space and style needs without costing us our full retirement savings... we settled on the Urban Sectional by West Elm and the Sloan Apartment Sofa by Interior Define. 

Check out more photos below. Also a "before" shot for comparison purposes.  

Grey couch from West Elm, blue velvet couch from Interior Define, coffee table from Overstock, rug from overstock. Woven leather accent chair from TJ Maxx. 

This little shelf that my dad made for us is one of my most favorite parts of the new living room. It seems silly but losing an end table was a concern for me, where would people put their drinks when they were lounging in the oh-so-comfy chaise? So we came up with this idea that if we created this small little shelf there would be a place to put your drink and then we could run a little extension cord up so that there was also outlet access in the event you needed to plug in the computer or your phone. Pretty brilliant right? Otherwise it was sort of this dead space where the baby would just throw all of her toys like some sort of cruel game of fetch for mama. 
Oh, oh, oh! I forgot to mention that we also had our stairs carpeted. So I'm usually not the biggest fan of carpeted stairs, especially when the carpet covers up beautiful hardwood. However, the practicality of carpeting is that people don't almost die on your stairs when they walk down in socks... so the possibility of a lawsuit made me rethink my no-stair-carpeting policy and we picked a simple wool style and had it cut as a runner so as not to totally cover the wood stairs. I really love how it came out and it looks great with the bench on the left and then the new couch to the right. 


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