Our Wedding Photos Have Arrived!

Yes, we are in the pouring rain with no umbrella.
After a much-anticipated few months, we finally have our wedding photos in hand. I could not be happier with the results! The images truly capture what a great day it was. 

After a restless night of sleep on the night before my wedding I awoke to a muggy September day with an afternoon tornado warning (yeah, you read that right). Maybe some brides would go into freak-out mode about the weather, but not this one! I was determined to be calm, cool, and collected and roll with whatever the day decided to bring on. 

Truthfully, the rain was a blessing in disguise. Even though we weren't able to go to the three locations we had scoped out for photos, our photographer knew about an area that was covered, but would still give us the look of being outside. (This is really important: hire a photographer that knows the area well, so he/she can think on the fly about creative alternatives to your requested spots). 

Since we only did photos in one location, we were able to get back to the cocktail hour of the reception and actually eat and drink some food and hang with our family and bridal party before our grand entrance. So as cliché as it may be, I'm a firm believer in the "everything happens for a reason" mantra. 

As you can see by the photos, the weather gave us some really cool photos that most people don't get. Check out some of my favorites:

The perfect hairstyle for a wedding, don't you think?
My sister was an amazing maid of honor!
My dad giving me the thumbs up
My gorgeous bestie. Doesn't she look like a model?
BryGuy getting ready to go! (Hey...those are my Ray Bans)
The boys might be having too much fun in the hotel suite
Checking himself out...
Ready for the grand reveal

Relaxing before reception time...

BryGuy's uncle was a hit on the dance floor!
Best man got caught Dougie-ing
Salsa time!
My bro. And I love my sister and dad in the background,
apparently, it was a really funny joke. 
To see more photos from our wedding day, check us out on our photographer's blog

Which photo do you like best? I'm trying to decide which picture I should blow up and frame for our living room...

So now I'm also working on my wedding book, and it's super hard to narrow down my selection... There are almost 3,000 photos to choose from! I've done a few photo albums in the past and found an online company I truly adore. Adoramapix not only makes beautiful lay-flat albums at affordable prices, but I find their software to be user-friend and the photo quality is very impressive. We printed our engagement photo album through them, which also served as our wedding guest book, and I've been recommending them ever since. 

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