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Every year, my husband's company encourages its employees to participate in Martin Luther King's Day of Service. Let me start off by saying that I think this is a wonderful thing that this company does, not only do they sponsor the event, but they have a list of activities that employees can sign up for and they welcome family participation. Last year, we traveled up to Bucks county and painted a home for a family that was in transition and needed a fresh start. This year, BryGuy signed us up for "bowl making" with a few of his coworkers. You might be asking, "how is bowl making considered community service?" I was thinking the same thing when he told me what we'd be doing for the day.

BryGuy gets down with the bowl making

Well as it turns out, it really was for a good cause. When we arrived at the Six Senses Collaborative Clay Studio in East Mount Airy, one of the owners, Cornelia, greeted us with a welcoming smile and asked us to find a space at one of the tables to work. In front of each of us was a blob of clay. She explained that we would be turning that clay into a beautiful bowl for the Empty Bowl Dinner that is a fundraising event for the Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network. The Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network is a non-profit organization that provides food and shelter to local homeless families. Our bowls will be featured at the 2013 dinner and will go home with a donor and serve as a reminder that every night in the City of Philadelphia, 1,000 children go without a meal or place to stay.

She encouraged us to take our time and make a bowl that was meaningful to us. I think the last time I worked with clay was middle school, but it was really nice to do some hands-on sculpting. It's was very therapeutic and had me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside to be doing some crafting for a great charity. I think next year I'll have to do some manual labor again for MLK Day, but I'm thinking that'll I'd like to visit Six Senses Studio again when I need some serenity in my life.

And...some work by the professionals...
More professional pottery....
Do you need a little arts and crafts therapy in your life and want to get your hands dirty? Check out Six Senses and sign up for one of their classes!

Did you do anything fun for MLK/Inauguration Day?

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  1. WHAT?! I am so jealous of this! I want to go one day!


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