True Confession: I Cried at the Gym

Yup. You read that title right. I bawled my eyes out last night...
At the gym. 
In front of everyone. 

To make a long story short, I failed at something yesterday. And it totally sucked.

I'm not a big crier so, to me, this is kind of a big deal. I probably cry maybe five times a year (and I'm not counting those times I tear up for a sappy commercial or a heartfelt romcom, those aren't real cries). But serious cries are usually the result of death, pain, or an emotional breakdown typically induced by exhaustion.

So which category did last night's fall into? Most definitely it was an emotional breakdown induced by exhaustion. 


Update on My 2013 Goals

You may have seen my New Year, New Goals post shortly after we rang in the new year. I figured I should give you an update on where I stand with those goals since we are a quarter way through the year already. Whaaat?? How did that happen? 

There are quite a few developments in this area. I recently accepted a position with another company, yipppeee! After almost three years with my previous company, it was time for a change. In this new position, I will be able to focus on the areas of marketing and communications that I find most rewarding, and I will also be able to manage a larger team, which is awesome. Long story short, I did not start taking training courses on Photoshop to improve my graphic design skills, BUT I think a new job is a pretty big accomplishment!

Personal & Relationship: 
Maybe I should ask BryGuy his opinion on this but I do think that I've done a better job on my listening skills and not being defensive as a first reaction. 

(Update, since I just asked him: BryGuy says he hasn't really noticed a change since the New Year so apparently I need to work harder!)

I also wanted to do something nice for him on a daily basis...hmmm I kind of forgot that I wrote that goal. But I do find myself consciously choosing to do things that I know will make him happy. Like, throwing in a load of laundry when I get home, or wiping down the bathroom. (If that didn't give it away, I'm the messier one). 


Asian Craving: Sweet and Spicy Beef Stir Fry

I don't know why, but I get really strong cravings for different ethnic food groups. Sometimes I can't get enough Mexican; I'm like ravenous for a good fish taco or fajitas. Othertimes it's Thai, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, you get the idea... Recently, when we came back from vacation, I couldn't stop thinking about Chinese food. Usually, I'd just head on over to my neighborhood Chinese spot, Han Dynasty (which is totally amazing) and slap some dan dan noodles, wontons, rice and spicy meat into my mouth and be good as gold. This time however, I decided that I should be better than that.

After a week of indulging on fried food, mojitos and pina coladas in the Caribbean, I thought maybe I should try and eat something remotely healthy. But the cravings just don't subside until they are satisfied, so I was challenged with the task of making healthy Chinese myself! I decided that I needed to make a stir fry filled with lots of vegetables and some steak. I googled some stir fry recipes for inspiration but I'm really the worst about following recipes exactly so I used a bunch of different tips for inspiration.

I can't give you exact measurements for this recipe because I didn't measure anything. But I'm showing you all the ingredients and the process and you can go to town with your own rendition. 


My Weeks in Photos: 3/3 - 3/16

Please forgive me. I should've informed you that I was taking a little hiatus from blog posting since the hubby and I were going on vacation. I'll let you live vicariously through some of our vacation photos. We had so much fun in the sun in beautiful Puerto Rico and were quickly snapped back into reality as we went out in the SNOW for some St. Patty's day festivities on Saturday.

Follow me on Instagram to see these in real time.

1. I was feeling a little nostolgic and there was nothing better on television so I watched a little Lion King. Apparently, a lot of people had the same idea because the Lion King was clearly trending on Facebook that night. 


My Week in Photos 2/24 - 3/2

Ooops, I meant to post this earlier today! It's been a little cray this week...

1. As seen in my blog post yesterday, I snapped this photo while we were checking out the vintage goods a Three Potato Four last weekend. 


Vintage Finds and Food Trucks

I have been wanting to check out Three Potato Four (this store that sells unique vintage items) for quite some time now. So BryGuy and I were pumped when we found out they were doing a pop-up outpost with some other local vendors a few Saturdays ago. We bundled up and ventured out to do some antiquing! First, we made a pit stop at Rival Bros. truck and got some coffee to take inside with us as we looked around. They had some very cool leather goods, outdoorsy items, books, blankets, etc. and a bunch of other stuff I can't even possibly list.  

BryGuy can never resist places like this so he walked away with a new flask (which was obviously a total necessity) and a cool little ashtray with a Playboy Players Club logo on it. We don't smoke but I already used it to hold my rings in the kitchen while I was cooking something messy. 

On our way out, we decided to stop at the Say Cheese Philly truck and get some sandwiches for the road. I had the bahn mi and Bry got a burger. Both totally hit the spot! 

View more photos after the jump! 
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