My Weeks in Photos: 3/3 - 3/16

Please forgive me. I should've informed you that I was taking a little hiatus from blog posting since the hubby and I were going on vacation. I'll let you live vicariously through some of our vacation photos. We had so much fun in the sun in beautiful Puerto Rico and were quickly snapped back into reality as we went out in the SNOW for some St. Patty's day festivities on Saturday.

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1. I was feeling a little nostolgic and there was nothing better on television so I watched a little Lion King. Apparently, a lot of people had the same idea because the Lion King was clearly trending on Facebook that night. 

2. I was really digging the molding detail on this building at Drexel University, the Greek keys are especially cool. 

3. One of my wonderful co-ops made these amazing cupcakes for my farewell party at work. How freaking cute are the hamburger ones? Not only were they beautiful, but they tasted delicious too!

4. When BryGuy and I arrived in Puerto Rico our first stop was this little beach bar that makes delicious Cuban sandwiches and overpriced frozen beverages. Yummm. Why can't I find a good Cuban sandwich in Philadelphia? Maybe that's a blog post for another day....

5. After our sandwiches we parked ourselves on the beach and grabbed another beverage.

6. Hiya stud. That's my hubbers, don't stare too long.

7. Some cool graffiti I saw when driving through some random neighborhood. I have no idea the message that's being sent, but it looks like something to do with drugs, pigs and health. Swine flu maybe?

8. My lover boy sitting on a bench outside of his uncle's brother's bar.

9. We visited these cool hot springs which are supposedly considered the fountain of youth. Truthfully, they made me sweat my ass off, but it was still beautiful up there in the mountains. I snapped this pic of a flower that has the craziest thorns on its stem. Do not pick one of those for your honey, yikes!

10. After the hot springs we stopped at a restaurant on the water and had a delicious seafood meal.

11. I refuse to take selfies but I let BryGuy take this photo of me in Old San Juan.

12. The historic Morro in Old San Juan.

13. BryGuy thinks he's a sailor.

14. Our last day of vacation. What you can't see are the tears streaming down my face...

15. Plane ride home = more tears. But the sunset made it a beautiful flight.

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