Update on My 2013 Goals

You may have seen my New Year, New Goals post shortly after we rang in the new year. I figured I should give you an update on where I stand with those goals since we are a quarter way through the year already. Whaaat?? How did that happen? 

There are quite a few developments in this area. I recently accepted a position with another company, yipppeee! After almost three years with my previous company, it was time for a change. In this new position, I will be able to focus on the areas of marketing and communications that I find most rewarding, and I will also be able to manage a larger team, which is awesome. Long story short, I did not start taking training courses on Photoshop to improve my graphic design skills, BUT I think a new job is a pretty big accomplishment!

Personal & Relationship: 
Maybe I should ask BryGuy his opinion on this but I do think that I've done a better job on my listening skills and not being defensive as a first reaction. 

(Update, since I just asked him: BryGuy says he hasn't really noticed a change since the New Year so apparently I need to work harder!)

I also wanted to do something nice for him on a daily basis...hmmm I kind of forgot that I wrote that goal. But I do find myself consciously choosing to do things that I know will make him happy. Like, throwing in a load of laundry when I get home, or wiping down the bathroom. (If that didn't give it away, I'm the messier one). 

Health & Fitness: 
I have been doing pretty well in this category. I consistently get to the gym three times a week, I think the only time I didn't do this was on vacation. As for the paleo diet, it's been hit or miss. I'm definitely better during the week, but haven't been as strict as I would like to be. I will keep working on that one. 

I officially do all of my pull ups without a band and can do hand stand push ups (kipping)!! I'm soooo close to getting my toes to bar, that's the next one I'm gonna knock off the list. 

AND I competed in my first CrossFit competition in January and have another one coming up next month. 

BryGuy and I have some serious work to do in this category. We've been going a little H.A.M. the past few months with going out to eat, partying, and vacationing, and we really need to be smarter about how we spend our money. I think we'll still be able to hit our savings goal this year but we need to buckle down and be smart about our spending. 

On a positive note, I did sign up for a 401k at my new job. Yay, I started a new retirement account. I can check that one off the list. 

New Goals: 
Since I'm a firm believer in making and refining my goals all year long, here are a few more I'm adding to my list.

  • Make dinner twice a week. (May I be so bold to suggest that BryGuy should also have the goal of making dinner once a week? Hint hint Bry, I know you read this). This will help me in the health and fitness category, as well as the financial category. Making dinner is always a healthier option than eating out or ordering, and it's always cheaper than buying food, ergo major cost savings. BOOM. 
  • Finish designing and organizing my dressing room before the summer. Moving into a new place is always a process. I've definitely put a lot of focus on our mutual living spaces, but have been slacking on my own space. This past weekend, I visited the Philly AIDS Thrift Shop and got some new inspiration for my dressing room. I'll try to document my progress! 

What goals have you hit so far this year? What's fallen to the back burner and needs a little revitalization or more focus? 


  1. HAHAHA I could just hear Bry, "I haven't really noticed a difference."

    I'm proud of you for keeping track of your goals! Not to mention all of the ones you've achieved after only 3 months! I don't know why I haven't started writing down my goals.. maybe I should. Ok, I'm going to start now.

    Let's hang out soon, so I can share with you ;) MISS YA!

  2. 1. I love goals and that you are posting yours out there for the world to see! Go get 'em! 2. I hate you for having a "dressing room". Well I don't hate you, but I may grimace at you the next time I see you. Please know that it is only pure jealousy and nothing personal :)

    1. I think posting them has been good for me. Keeps me accountable, otherwise it would be June and I'd be thinking "what did I say I was going to do this year?" 2. The ONLY reason I have a dressing room is because Bry gets mad at me for being messy with my clothes, so he said I need a room so he can close the door and not look at my mess. BUT I love having a space that's all mine and can be totally girly :)


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