The thrift shop score of the century

BryGuy has been looking for a black leather biker jacket for about...a lifetime (well realistically like a year or so). We thought maybe he'd find one on our honeymoon in Italy. We stopped in Florence, (known for their leather goods), but unfortunately, he didn't find the style he was looking for. 

A few weeks back, we made a trip to Boston to celebrate Greek Easter with our besties. On Saturday morning, we woke up and took a little stroll from my friend's place in Southie over to the South End for some fabulous brunch at Gaslight Brasserie. After brunch we strolled around the neighborhood taking in the sites and sunshine. 

We stumbled upon this little shop, Bobby from Boston, and I asked Bryun if he wanted to poke around a bit. He reluctantly agreed, thinking it was going to be one of those trips where I browse for way too long, while he sits in a chair looking at sports scores on his phone. As it turns out, the store carried mostly men's vintage clothing and accessories. We walked in and BryGuy's eyes lit up, then he bee-lined it for the leather section. 

He saw the jacket and says, "Uhhh...this could be it," trying not to sound too excited. It was perfectly worn in, just the way he wanted it. He looks at me and hesitates. I say, "Well, you should probably try it on." He grins and then strips off his jacket so fast that I swear I felt the breeze. He puts it on and it fits. The arm length, excellent. The waist length, perfect. He zips it up and then it's like he and the jacket become one. A clerk in the store rounds the corner and stops in her tracks, "Wow, it looks like that jacket was made for you. Seriously, it looks like you just walked off the street into here wearing that." And then I knew he was a goner. He had a new love in his life and she was covered in soft leather and had lots of shiny hardware. 

Finally, he decides to look at the price tag, but at this point he's just going through the motions, because regardless of what it says, I know he's not leaving the store without that jacket. His eyes get wide, he asks the clerk "Is this seriously only $85?!?" She confirms it is. I can see his excitement, he's mentally jumping in the air and clacking his heels together. 

So there it is folks. Dreams really do come true. I have a feeling that we will be visiting Bobby from Boston on all subsequent trips that we take to Beantown. Here's a little peek at what the shop looks like, I highly recommend you stop by if you're ever in the neighborhood. You just might find that thing you never knew you always needed. 

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