My Week in Photos: 4/22 - 4/28

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1. I had a work event on Penn's Campus this week, well actually it wasn't really on campus, but it was in this new building they recently acquired that will be used for lab and commercial space. The space was really raw, but it had a very cool view of the city through these dusty windows. 

2. Bry has been itching to get a new coffee table for quite a while now. As I was browsing online I found this table on Overstock for a steal. We ordered it in 3.5 seconds. See more photos of our living room

3. Slowly but surely I'm getting my dressing room decorated (and organized). I want the room to be super glam so I decided to do a gallery wall of black and white photos and some other fun stuff. This is a little sneak peek of what it might look like.

4. My parents recently took a trip to the British Virgin Islands and they can't stop talking about all the wonderful drinks they had. Last time we saw them they were blending up authentic Pina Coladas, this time they wanted to make Pain Killers. Apparently, the only acceptable way to make them is with Pusser's rum and some freshly ground nutmeg. They are delicious. 

5. It wouldn't be a true visit back home (upstate NY) if we didn't end up playing a game. We dusted off our trusty Mexican Train Domino set and mixed up a fresh batch of pain killers. I lost terribly... but fortunately, was feeling no pain.

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