Homemade margaritas by the margarita snob

I simply adore margaritas. They are the perfect warm weather drink, all citrusy and refreshing. I'm do not really discriminate when it comes to margaritas, I'll take them frozen, on the rocks, flavored or classic. I do prefer when they are not overly sweetened and I always take them without salt (or sugar). 

BryGuy however, is the worlds biggest margarita snob. He likes them one way and one way only. On the rocks, fresh squeezed lime juice and some agave nectar to sweeten. Don't you dare try to give him a salted rim, he'll throw that drink right in your face. Just kidding, he's not that mean. 

Once at a sports bar reminiscent of a TGIFriday, he ordered a margarita. What was delivered to our table was a pint glass filled with a radioactive-looking liquid. BryGuy was not entertained. He told the Snookie-look-alike waitress that he wasn't interested in drinking it and wanted it removed from the bill. She looked at him like he had five heads and asked why. BryGuy's response, "It's just...too much." He's a firm believer in the phrase "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." Ever since that traumatic experience BryGuy's taken on the task of perfecting the margarita at home.

It starts with freshly squeezed limes. You're going to need a lot of limes. Trust me. Like double digits. To be safe, go for at least a dozen. Then you've got to squeeze 'em. 

Way back in the day I bought Bry a juicer so he could make fresh squeezed orange juice. Ha! Like that ever happened! But this little Black & Decker gem has been our saving grace for margarita days! 

Now, juice those limes! Once you are juiced, you're ready to mix. It's something like equal parts juice and tequila and then a healthy dose of agave nectar (at least a teaspoon per drink). Mix it up in a shaker and strain into a low ball glass (VERY IMPORTANT) with some ice. 

Then enjoy. Preferably with some guac and chips. 

Oh the carnage. See! A dozen limes only gets you two cups of lime juice!


  1. If you want a timesaver without sacrificing quality, Lakewood Organics makes bottled lime juice that I find is very good quality and almost like fresh!

    1. Thanks Laura! I think I tried that brand once and it was very sour... but I'll give it another shot!


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