Guest Post - BryGuy Takes the Wheel

From Marissa: 
The other day, BryGuy says to me, "You're so cool, you have a blog and write about all the fun stuff we do. I feel like I'm just here, not doing anything with myself..." I mean, it's true. I'm significantly cooler than him. But I didn't want to make him feel bad. So, I proposed an idea. I suggested that he guest-post on my blog from time to time. This way you can learn a little bit more about him in his own words and I can take a day off. So here he is, BryGuy in all his glory.

From BryGuy: 
Thanks Marissa. Oh thank you thank you for being ever so gracious and allowing me to taint the sanctity of your precious blog.

Marissa gets so much love on this blog and I am just a mere prop she places here and there for her own enjoyment. I'm sure a lot of you feel this way and are thinking,"Wow, does BryGuy just sit there and watch Marissa do awesome things?" The answer to that question is YES. But, the few times I am a functioning individual, this is what I am doing (in no particular order):

1. Visiting my Tailor
My tailor hates me because I take everything to him. I hate buying new clothes at full price when I have nice pieces that I just wish looked a little different. So, I take them to my tailor. There are old polos I haven't worn in years because I was an ignoramus six years ago and and bought things a size too big. No worry, I bring them to my tailor and they look awesome. Crotch blowouts in my favorite 501 jeans?!? No problem, take them to the tailor. Use your tailor! You don't have one? GET ONE. You would be surprised what he/she can do. It will save you money and you will look better. Need a guy? Live in Philly? I got your guy right here: Armen's Custom Tailor Studio  

From Marissa: This is not BryGuy doing the limbo with a hole in his crotch.
Although, it kind of looks like him, and I thought it would be funny if people thought it was him. 

2. Watching YouTube Videos
I have a mild obsession with this podcast called Barbell Shrugged. It is three guys who do CrossFit, power lift, weight lift and fight. I love listening to their advice on trying to get huge, lift more weight and what to eat. They hipped me to something called Bulletproof Coffee which is coffee (I use Cafe Bustelo in an old-school Italian espresso maker) with some grass fed butter dropped in. It's so good and it gives me a ton of energy. The guys are also hilarious. This clip will give you a little taste of what they're all about: 

3. Thinking about Game of Thrones
I am still mad Ned Stark is dead. When I saw him in the story recap for one of this season's episodes, I had my hopes up that his head was magically screwed back on and he was resurrected...but was let down when they referred to his death about five times.

4. Drinking
I love bourbon.

That's all for now....I wonder how many edits Marissa made to this?


  1. This made me smile and I didn't want his post to look all lonely without any comments.

  2. "I love burbon" hahaha ....gotta love that BryGuy.

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