Christos Anesti - Greek Easter in Boston

I'm blessed with some pretty amazing friends from my college years at Northeastern. Unfortunately, they ALL stayed around Boston after graduation. I'm the odd duck out. I lived in New York for a while and then made my way down to Philly to be with BryGuy. While I do get a little jealous at how often they get to see each other because of geographic proximity, I try and make a few visits a year to Boston to spend some quality time with them and cackle like we used to do in college. 

Last month, Bry and I visited Boston and had a blast, so much fun in fact, that while we were visiting (and under the influence of a few espresso martinis) we booked a trip back for May. The real reason we had to get back to the Bean so quickly was because they were hosting their annual, and world-famous Greek Easter celebration! If you don't know about Greek Easter, you clearly don't have any Greek friends. This party is the real deal -- it's a full day of chowing down, drinking and spending time with friends and family. Don't ask me why Greek Orthodox Easter and Western Christian eastern don't fall on the same day, I don't really know... except a quick Google search explains that they are simply calculated differently.

Back to more important details, we had a blast. BryGuy had never been to a Greek Easter party before and he was loving the lamb, pig, and the kokoretsi slow cooking on the spit. The food was amazing (as usual) and we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. Check out photos from the day below: 

Papa P. focused on the meat

Colorful Easter Eggs

We had great bartenders all day long. The kids were making some good tips too!

Lamb meatballs with Tzatziki in Pita

And this is how you eat it....

With a little nod to Cinco de Mayo we celebrated Cinco de Greeko! 
Best thing ever - Spanakopita

Cousin lovin'

We ended the night with a fire and lots of blankets! 

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