My Week in Photos: 4/1 - 4/7

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1. I needed some color and decoration in my office at work so I stopped into Lowe's and picked up this lovely little succulent arrangement. I'm obsessed with succulents. I was looking for something a little larger, but they had a limited selection, so I'll be looking for a few more plants and decorations to spruce the place up. 

2. Even though my new office is only about four blocks away from my former office, it's still nice to see skyline views from a slightly different angle. Here's one I snapped last week on a crystal clear day. 

3. Whenever BryGuy and I make a trip back to upstate New York we make sure to pick up a few packages of steak tips from The Meat House. We haven't been able to find steak tips that rival these in Philadelphia. This time we paired them with sauteed green beans, sweet potatoes, and sweet plantains, oh and some cab sav to wash it all down. 

4. Can I just say that this espresso martini was basically heaven in a glass? I visited some friends in Boston this past weekend and they took me to Strega Waterfront, where the bartender Sarah, makes the most delicious drinks. 

5. The husband with our friend Guy - their celebrity couple name would be BryGuy! 

6. So sad to leave Boston but we will be returning in just a few weeks for some more fun! For our ride home we got to walk out onto the tarmac and take this little baby plane. 

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