My Week in Photos: 4/8 - 4/14

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1. Many mornings on my way to work I stop at Green Line Cafe on 15th Street. It's quite an adorable little shop and they brew some delicious java. One morning last week, I got a dud of a cup. I kept finding coffee rings all over my desk and couldn't figure out what the heck was going on! My leaky cup was a pain, but I still enjoyed my coffee. 

2. Last Saturday, BryGuy and I competed in our second CrossFit Competition. The morning of the comp, we were kind of regretting that we signed up, but we went. Turned out to be a beautiful day with a few difficult workout and lots of quality time with our CFMY friends. Then when it was all over, we drank. Because that's how we roll. 

3. Here's BryGuy during and after his first workout. It was a rough one. 

4. Sunday was a beautiful day in Philly. We walked down to Main Street and passed through Pretzel Park which was bumping with kids and dogs. 

5. A new spot opened on Main Street, Bisou Bistro (formerly Gimelli). We stopped in for a drink before we had dinner elsewhere. My honeysuckle drink was so delicious. We're going back this Friday for a full meal and I'll definitely be getting this drink again. 

6. BryGuy tried this Game of Thrones beer which was really tasty... unfortunately it cost $20. But it was a big bottle... maybe like 1 1/2 beers total. 

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