Am I More Attractive Than I Think?

Has everyone seen this recent video from the folks over at the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty?

If you don't feel like watching the whole thing I'll give you the quick summary:
Part 1: Women were asked to describe their face to a forensic sketch artist (he couldn't see them), he sketched a portrait based on their description. 
Part 2: Strangers were asked to meet the women who had been sketched. Each stranger then described the woman's face to the same artist and he drew a portrait based on their description. 

The conclusion is that the two portraits are drastically different, with the self-described portraits being much less attractive then those described by someone else. 

Is anyone really surprised by this? I know I'm my own worst critic.

I mean if someone asked me to describe myself I might share that I have chubby cheeks, thin eyebrows, forehead lines and big teeth. 

There are days I feel more attractive than others. Don't we all have that? I'd love to see this same exercise done with men. Do you think it would yield the same results or are men more inherently confident about their appearance?

There's your food for thought on this fine Friday. Happy day lovers, enjoy the weekend! 

Update on 4/24: I had to come back and update this post because they did a parody of the video with men. Guess what? They think they are wayyyy hotter than they really are. 


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