My New Obsession: Affordable Artwork

I have a new obsession, I've recently become addicted to blowing up photos for artwork in my house. I mean artwork can be really expensive! I'm all for supporting artists but frankly, sometimes I can't afford their one-of-a-kind beauties. Also, if you're looking to get art on the cheap and you go the generic print route, you're probably going to get something that is in the homes of thousands of other people. So, if you want something original, you've got to do it yourself.

In the past, I've taken the time to paint some canvas artwork for some inexpensive home decor (as seen in the master bedroom) but I'm really digging the photo thing right now. With some recent Groupon deals and other sales I've been getting some cool stuff for a crazy steal!

For the longest time Bry and I have been looking for a piece of artwork to fill a spot in our living room. Last week, I took a photo through some dirty window of the Philly skyline, I was playing around with the photo and putting some cool effects on it, and all of a sudden it was this colorful, funky abstract piece with a little nod to Philly. So, I shared it with Bry and he was all gung ho about it, and said we should order it for our living room. Gallery Direct was having a 45% off site-wide sale (can you believe that? It's madness), so we got the 33" x 33" custom framed piece for $130 (regular price $235)! Looks like the sale is still going on...

We wanted one of our favorite wedding photos enlarged, and found a great Groupon discount for a gallery-wrapped canvas print from Canvas on Demand for $75 (regular price $188). Now we have to hang this gem somewhere: 

One other piece I ordered was for my dressing room. It's a glam photo that I had printed on metal for my dressing room gallery wall (also purchased from Gallery Direct). The metal gives it a cool look, its almost hard to see at some angles. 

I'm thinking about getting another framed print done for my office at work, maybe one of the recent pics I took on Main Street in Manayunkbut I'll have to wait for the right sale.

I've been really impressed with the quality of all the pieces. Colors are true, resolution is great, quality of the frames and materials is good, and turnaround time and shipping tend to be fast. My only negative comment is that on the metal artwork for my dressing room, they attached the mounting wire in the wrong direction, so I'll have to fix that, but it's not a major issue. 

Do you have any cool ideas for inexpensive artwork around the house?

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