Bedroom Decor: Where the Magic Happens

I'm one of those people that is never done decorating a room. I believe that as time passes, tastes change and a new home decor project can breathe life into a tired living space. With that being said, we moved into a new place almost four months ago, and I can finally say that I'm at near-completion with the master bedroom. 

In our former apartment, our bedroom was small and created some tension between BryGuy and I. My closet was located in the bedroom (his was in the living room), but my closet was really tiny, so things had a tendency to spill out onto the floor, which wasn't a good look. We also had somehow managed to fit two unmatched dressers into the small bedroom, one which held a television, so we were also jointly sharing the surface area of one dresser. The situation was no bueno. 

The bedroom in our previous apartment. These pictures really don't show how small it was. 
As we began to look for new places, one of our most important criteria was increased square footage and two bedrooms. This would allow our guests to have a comfortable place to stay, and would let us be better organized in the bedroom. 

We were lucky enough to find a three bedroom home with a large master bedroom. That way, to keep BryGuy from going insane, I took the smallest bedroom as my "dressing room" and he uses the closet and dresser in the master. The second largest room serves as our guest room and office. 

When I started to thinking about the style of the master bedroom, I really wanted it to be relaxing for both of us, and that meant that it would be neither masculine or feminine. The walls were already painted a light gray with a slightly purple tint, which I really like. The blue and white Ikat-looking bedspread was a bridal shower gift from my wonderful aunts! Then we slowly started adding some of our existing furniture. Because the room is large we pulled in some of our biggest and darkest pieces to warm it up. 

Next steps - I'd still like to get a rug for the floor in front of the bed (probably something like this rug from Overstock), we also need a new night stand for my side of the bed. The one currently there does not match the room and is moving to the guest room soon.

The reading nook is Bry's favorite.
I often find him here with a good book or his latest GQ

1. Leather chair from HomeGoods
2. Ottoman from Bed, Bath and Beyond
3. Artwork from HomeGoods
4. Blackout curtains from Ikea

1. Headboard and bed frame from Ikea
2. Comforter from Macy's
3. Artwork - made by Marissa (I created this years ago for an apartment when I lived in NY)
4. Nightstand on left - purchased from Craigslist by BryGuy in college
1. Chest of drawers purchased from Craiglist

1. Armoire by Ikea (no longer available but similar to this wardrobe)
2. Mirror by Ikea (no longer available but similar to this mirror)

1. Small nightstand for BryGuy's side of the bed, found at TJ Maxx

1. Bookcase from Ikea

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