We had renter's remorse. But we got over it.

This past weekend we did the big move... approximately four blocks down the street from our former apartment. Originally BryGuy and I were going to do all of the heavy lifting on our own. Don't laugh! I do CrossFit, I'm quite strong. But the Man upstairs decided that we needed a little more assistance and he sent my wonderful father and brother from New York. Looking back, I really don't know how we would've done it without them. They were the best non-professional movers a girl could ask for (Thanks pops and Z!). We started loading the truck at 8 a.m. and had everything into our new apartment by 12:30 p.m. 

The evil U-Haul and BryGuy
(doesn't he look happy to be moving?)
There were a few hiccups, like our U-Haul's battery dying, twice, and our queen-sized box spring not fitting up the stairs to our bedroom. But other than that, things went well. When all of our furniture was moved to the new place, we did a very thorough cleaning of our old apartment. As we stood there in our bare apartment that we had lived in for almost three years, BryGuy and I got a little emotional. We loved that place, it has been our first "home" together, it's the home we lived in when we got married, we've laughed there, we've cried there, we've entertained our family and friends there, and the truth is we were starting to miss it already! It was in that moment that we started questioning whether or not we had made the right decision to move. We were faced with all of these boxes of unpacked things (and we were really really exhausted), and we started having regrets and doubts.

Does the new place have a weird smell? Is it messier/uglier/weirder than we remembered? Is the neighborhood bad (yea, the "neighborhood" 4 blocks away from our last place) Did we make a big mistake!?! Sometimes BryGuy and I need a reality check. 

Then we snapped out of it. We needed more space, now we have it. We are determined to make this apartment/house our own and it will be wonderful! And since the attitude check...so far, so good. As "they" say, we decided to focus on one room at a time and get it organized and then the whole thing seems a bit more manageable. First we tackled the living room, then we moved onto the bedroom and assembled our bed. We purchased an Ikea bed frame and are so happy with the end result and how expensive it looks in our room.

Ikea Folldal Bed Frame - $599
Took approximately 2 hours to assemble and is very sturdy.
Yes, there are adjustments when you make any move. For instance, we can't for the life of us figure out how to work the thermostat (it doesn't help that I somehow set it to celsius). I'm baffled by the kitchen cabinets and why they chose the shelf heights they did, and why they aren't adjustable. Also, we have a list a mile long of the things we need or want to get for the new place. 

My weird kitchen cabinet shelf height.
I seriously need to find a way to adjust the shelves or add a shelf. 
Slowly but surely we will get there, and I'll keep you up to speed on all of our new home decor efforts and DIY projects! Also, it won't really feel like home until we have some friends over for drinks and a little reckless behavior. We are REALLY looking forward to that. Who's in?

We can party in this beautiful big kitchen! 

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  1. You know I'm in. Can't wait for New Years!! Glad things went well.


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