My week in photos 5/13 - 5/19

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1. This little Cook's Essentials coffee maker gets used every day in my office. Before I brought it in, I was spending $10 a week on coffee, now it's like $2 a week, if that!

 2. Apparently I was feeling coral this week. I painted my nails coral and then a few days later chose to wear this dress that matched almost perfectly. 

 3. Taking a stroll through Philly and loved these purple flowers. 

4. We visited Bry's family in DC this weekend. In the morning we were making some coffee and BryGuy got put to work on the coffee grinder. 

5. After a weekend of over indulging on food, I made a light lunch/dinner for myself. Of course the fruit and cheese plate would not be complete without a glass of vino. 

Well that was my week. I hope everyone else had a good one! 

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