My Week in Photos 5/6 - 5/12

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1. This ring was left to me by my late grandmother. I don't usually wear gold, or antique looking jewelry but because this has sentimental value, I fell in love immediately. My grandmother was probably the most organized person on the planet, she had almost all of her belonging accounted for and assigned to someone (with specific reasons why) before she passed away. 

2. Last week I stepped out of the office to run a quick errand and realized that I don't look up in the lobby of my building enough. I'm usually looking down at my phone, or at my watch because I'm late... but this day I stopped and looked and admired the beauty of my crazy old building and all of it's glorious detail.  

3. The dressing room is progressing! I finally hung my gallery wall and switched out my dressers. I'll do a complete post of the dressing room makeover soon! I've seen so many "how tos" on Pinterest about easy ways to hang gallery walls but I went to go try it, they weren't that easy. Finally, I gave up and just started winging it... I think it turned out fairly symmetrical.

4. BryGuy was messing around in the grocery store and pushing around this baby cart. He's so goofy, he makes me laugh. Then he gets embarrassed when I capture his goofy moments and post them on Instagram for everyone to see. 

5. My sister and her boyfriend visited us in Philly for the weekend and there was the big Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta happening on the Schuylkill, we parked in Fairmount Park and then took a mini hike through the woods to get to the regatta. It's hard to believe this huge wooded area exists within the city limits of Philadelphia. 

 6. We stopped by the Sly Fox tent and sampled some Helles Golden Lager from their new "topless" beer cans...

7. On Saturday night we went out for some grub on South Street and parked in the lot above Superfresh, there was a beautiful view of the skyline and some great lighting going on. 

8. Our guests left bright and early on Sunday morning, so BryGuy and I decided to take a walk down to our favorite coffee spot on Main Street (Volo Coffeehouse) and do some people watching (and bird watching). 

Follow me on Instagram to see these in real time. 

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