Help! What's the best digital SLR camera for a newbie?

There are a THOUSAND websites out there recommending what camera I should get as a newbie to the DSLR category. However, none of them agree with each other and some of them get into all the nitty gritty details that I don't need. And basically, I don't trust random people on the internet as much as I trust my family and friends. So folks who have some experience with DSLRs, what do you think? 

Here's my criteria:

I have this totally awesome blog (Right? Am I right? Can I get an Amen?), but my images are not measuring up. I currently use my Samsung GSIII camera phone for a lot of the photos and I also have a little point and shoot that I'll use at home for some food or home decor images, but I'd really like to elevate the quality of my photos. Plus, I have a little artsy side to me so I think I'll enjoy the hobby. 

Camera body should be under $1,000 (I understand I'll have to buy a nice lens, a lens cap, memory card, flash, filters, and a case) I'm not expecting ALL of that to come in under a grand, but I'd like the camera to, and if it came with a starter lens, that'd be a sweet bonus.  

Ease of use
I don't want a camera where I have to do EVERYTHING manually. Do those even exist? But I'm okay with a little technical challenge. I plan to get the "For dummies" book to accompany it, and I also might sign up for some beginner photography classes. Basically, I'm saying I don't want the most advanced thing (which I'm sure isn't in my price range any way), but I also don't want something that's made for idiots. I'd like something in the middle.  

Video functionality
I don't plan to take a lot of video, I may from time to time, but that will not be the primary use for this here camera. 

So, bring on the reccos! 

I know there's a whole Nikon/Canon debate. I get it. It's like the Mac vs. PC thing, the iPhone vs Android thing, or the Vanilla vs. Chocolate thing (what?!? that's a thing? no it's not. chocolate wins! every. time.) Let's just say I'm a mac computer user but an android phone user. So there! Hah! You can't put me in just one category. I really don't want this to turn into a whole Nikon vs. Canon debate, so please just let me know what one you prefer and why. 

I'm looking for specific model recommendations here people! 

Also, I'm a bargain hunter so whatever camera you recommend, I'll find it at it's lowest price on the interwebs or in a store. So don't you worry about that. 

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  1. I like the criteria that you put in this blog post, and yes you are right this is not about the battle of Nikon and Canon maybe I have a nikon camera then my accessories are from Canon so for me that is okay just reassuring that you consider first the criteria.


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