A bit of clarification

Yesterday's post, about my new daily ritual to stay positive, came off a bit melodramatic. I can seen that now. I have a teeny tiny smidgen of self-awareness somewhere deep, deep inside of me. 

To clear the record, I AM a very happy person. In fact, I love my life! Every day I think about how blessed I am and a part of me wonders how it could possibly stay this good forever. 

I guess what I was trying to say, was that I am an easily irritated person. I have less than an ounce of patience in me. I accept this as one of my many flaws. That leads to me constantly huffing and puffing because people are rude (see my miss manners part I & part II posts) and it leads to inexplicable amounts of road rage. Thank you papa, I believe I inherited my road rage from you, you were always good at parenting by example.

I also have bitchy resting face disorder. Which means that even though I'm feeling joy and bliss on the inside, I'm really emanating an aura that says "don't f*ck with me." 

One of my 2014 personal goals was to be more positive. 

To me, that means that I don't let the daily little things get to me as much. I try to be more free-spirited and easy going, and I smile more! The chanting thing is my attempt at putting myself in a good head space to accomplish those small feats. 

So with that being said, I leave you with this. It's sure to make you smile. :)

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