Things to do on a snow day

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Yesterday, I was working from home because I'm feeling a little under the weather, but it ended up working out because our office closed early because of the expected snowfall. BryGuy hightailed it out of his office and braved the elements to head home and then we spent the afternoon on our respective computers . Today, I found out that my office was closed, so YAY! Snow day numero dos! 

However, I'm feeling trapped today, I've been in the house for too long now. So here's a short list of how I entertain myself when it's snowy outside. 

1. Watch movies you've never heard of on Netflix - I particularly liked I Don't Know How She Does It featuring SJP.

2. Cook. Challenge yourself to a little game of Chopped in your own kitchen. Pull out some ingredients you've had lying around for a while and make something delicious. Yesterday, I whipped up some chocolate mint pots de creme, which were rich and delicious and some minty whipped cream which we enjoyed taco salads for dinner. 

3. Catch up on house cleaning. *and the crowd boos* Yeah, I know this is lame, but yesterday I handled all of our dirty laundry and got the kitchen in order. 

4. Get outside! Make snow angels, go sledding, build a snowman, eat snow. Basically, be a kid again. 

5. Drink. As an adult I think snow days are synonymous with drinking days. Crack open a bottle of wine or mix up some tasty cocktails. 

6. Play games. If you're lucky like me and you're stuck home with your very best pal, pull out some board games (Yahtzee and Bananagrams are great games for two people!)

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