Ten happy moments of the week

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1. Can you say snow day? Well not technically a snow day, but I'm laying low and working from home today and it's a great way to ease back into things after a nice holiday break.

2. I had the best steak of my life on New Years Eve at Butcher & Singer. It was sooo. freaking. delicious.

3. Ringing in the New Year with my husband and great friends. We had a ton of laughs and ate way too much food.

4. Nursing my New Year's hangover with an enormous brunch and lots of movies on the couch was so necessary and wonderful.

5. Cooking a delicious roast chicken with potatoes was the ultimate comfort food for our first night back in Philly.

6. Getting my new Naked 3 palette on New Years Eve, just in time to use it for a night out. I love new makeup!

7. A smooth car trip back from NY - we've had some lousy trips in the rain/snow lately and it was really nice to just have a drive back without bad weather.

8. Listening to the Christmas Abbott Barbell Shrugged podcast which was really good and makes me like her even more (if that's even possible.)

9. Using my matte finish nail polish! I just love it, thanks to that topcoat I've officially doubled my nail polish inventory.

10. Feeling refreshed and energized for 2014. I have so many things I want to accomplish and I just feel like I'm going into the year with a new perspective and sense of positivity. It's going to be a great year!

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