Bourbon ginger cocktail

I know it's only Tuesday, but chances are you could use a drink. Preferably a stiff one. Or is that just me? I made some ginger infused simple syrup for our New Years Eve champagne cocktails and decided that I could put the simple syrup to use in another drink as well. I whipped up a bourbon cocktail that includes ginger simple syrup, bourbon, club soda and is garnished with a lemon twist and slice of candied ginger. Get the full recipe below.

Son of a Ginger
(Makes two cocktails)

4 oz. of your favorite bourbon
2 tbsp. of ginger simple syrup (I used Martha's recipe)
4 oz. chilled club soda
2 lemon twists (how to make a lemon twist)
2 pieces of candied ginger (I used Alton's recipe)

1. Fill two martini glasses with ice. 
2. In a shaker, combine the bourbon, ginger simple syrup and ice.
3. Divide the shaker mixture between the two glasses.
4. Top off with 2 ounces each of club soda. Stir to combine.
5. Garnish with a twist of lemon and slice of candied ginger. 

Preparation time: 5 minute(s)

In the photo above I used ginger sugar to coat the rims of the martini glasses but I really think this made the drink too sweet, so I left it out of the recipe! 

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