Ten happy moments of the week

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Ahh, I'm so behind today so this is coming out late, but here we go...

1. Snow days!!! 1 1/2 official ones for me this week and it was wonderful. 

2. Delicious burgers and beers with my boo during our snow day outing. 

3. New bathing suit arrived in time to take to AC with me this weekend (happy moment) not sure I love the way it fits (not so happy moment)

4. I was finally able to get to sleep last night without having tissues shoved up each of my nostrils. 

5. Work event this week went well, no protesters and no pushy media. Yay for events that run smoothly! 

6. The moment when I went to catch a train home and was going to have to wait for 25 minutes for it to arrive but the train before it was running super late and pulled up just as I stepped onto the platform. so no waiting for me. 

7. Taco salad. When I was little I hated tacos (What the eff was I thinking?!) So, instead of tacos I would make myself a salad out of all the taco fillings (...maybe I just didn't like the tortilla.... again, what the eff.) Anywho, as an adult I have realized how amazing tacos actually are, I love them to death and I think I eat them so often I'm trying to make up for what I missed in my childhood. But this week we took it old school in attempt to be mildly healthier and I made us big ass taco salads. Yum yum yum. 

8. Eagerly anticipating a fun weekend in Atlantic City with my buddies! 

9. Snow plows! For some reason Philly decided to get its act together for this snow storm and they were out plowing the first evening of the snow fall. 

10. Reading Mindy Kalings book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) makes me giggle on the train.

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