Ten happy moments of the week

Photo by Dave Beckerman

This week was pretty superb. I have so many things to be happy about! 

1. My first moment that I'll share is my absolute most happy one of the week. We were down in Atlantic City celebrating our friend's birthday last weekend and on Saturday night we headed out to dinner (sadly, without the birthday boy because he was feeling under the weather.) So we pushed together two big picnic tables outside of Distrito and we all indulged in some tacos and margaritas. I remember at one point between wildly inappropriate jokes, just sitting back and thinking that I consider these people my family and that is such a great feeling. I feel like I can be my true self around them and that they are just all so great and make me feel like Philadelphia is finally my "home." 

2. Winning $60 bucks or so at roulette, only to have BryGuy blow it later on some more gambling, but whatever, we were up for about five minutes! 

3. Making Bry laugh at my ridiculous dance moves in the middle of Wegman's 

4. Finding a new delicious and not too expensive lunch spot - Hummus Grill

5. Chatting on the phone with both of my parents the evening before their anniversary! Happy 32 years together! My parents are truly an inspirational couple.

6. Dancing with some awesome ladies until the wee hours of the night! Photographic evidence available here

7. Getting to bed early multiple times this week. I think because I've fighting off some kind of throat/sinus thing my body has been exhausted. But I'm so happy that I've made the effort to get my butt in bed nice and early! 

8. Eating a delicious lunch with my coworkers at Barbuzzo.

9. Planning my workout days in advance this week and actually adhering to them! Read more tips for staying motivated to workout when it's cold.

10. Making it to work on time four out of five days this week! Honestly, that is a new record for me. 

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