Ten happy moments of the week

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1. I witnessed a random person on the street helping a blind man at a crosswalk. It made me think that I need to stop and partake in more random acts of kindness.

2. Taking a day off from the gym to relax and try to fight off a little cold. I successfully held the cold back by treating it with a netti pot and enormous quantities of mint tea.

3. Receiving lots of support and kind words from friends and family about my "positivity" posts on the blog this week, read them here and here.

4. Feeling appreciative of my awesome coworkers that take my mind off of silly work things for a few moments each day.

5. The warmer weather this week has me all excited for spring and summer to come. And I just bought a new bathing suit in!

6. A FABULOUS visit from my best bud in the whole wide world. She stayed with me in Philly for a few nights last weekend and we had so much fun eating tacos, visiting the Barnes, and getting drinks at Time while be deafened by awesome jazz music.

7. Pequea Vally Yogurt. It's amazing. Expensive, but amazing.

8. A brief phone call to my sister that put me in the middle of a heated conversation about wiping (yes, bathroom wiping) during their supper time. Ahhh, I miss our big family dinners, they were so disturbing and hilarious.

9. Good chats with my buddy Lindsey about the future and how we're both trying to be more spiritual or zen or whatever you want to call it. I'm so happy that she's so happy doing what she's doing, even if it is way too far away from me!

10. A fun girl's night watching football last weekend followed by a crazy dance party. I was sweating my ass off on the dance floor!

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