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Christmas was amazing this year. For one, we got to spend a full week with our families! It was so nice to be able to stay longer than a weekend and have some quality chill time with our parents and my siblings. I also am fully aware that I overindulged on life (and food and drink) over the past seven days and need to step away from the cookies for the next month or more. I'm so blessed to have such generous people in my life and I wanted to share some really cool stuff that I scored this holiday! Read on for details and links. 

1. Awesome tunic-style shirt that my sister gifted to me! Its soft, comfortable and long enough to wear with leggings (and black and white)! I believe it was purchased at TJ Maxx.

2. Apple TV ($99) - perfect for watching Netflix and HBO Go! 

3. Pampered Chef Bevs-to-Go Bottle Bag ($8.50) and a lovely bottle of Reisling! They know me too well. 

4. Fragrance Sampler from Sephora JCPenney ($55) - these are such a great gift. You get a bunch of sample size perfumes and a coupon to get a regular size one of your choice. So you get to try out a bunch and then pick the one you like the best to get a full-size bottle! 

5. The North Face Boulder Peruvian Beanie ($35) 

6. The North Face Morningside Fleece ($99) - I desperately needed a new one to wear as a lightweight jacket! 

7. Eye of Horus pillowcase (priceless)  - A gift from my best bud Linds, who brought this back from Egypt for me! The ancient Egyptian symbol represents protections, royal power, and good health. I'll take all of that! 

8. Sonoma Life + Style Caramel Toffee Candle ($19.99) - Available at Kohl's, this candle will make your home smell like freshly baked pastries. 

9. Butter London Matte Finish Top Coat ($19) - This top coat will give any nail polish a matte finish! 

10. Sorel Tivoli Winter Boots ($120) - These will be perfect to trek through the rain and snow! 

11. Brie Baker and Toppings - There's nothing in this world I love more than some cooked cheese. Similar brie baker available here.

So tell me, what did Santa bring you for Christmas!? Did you get anything particularly cool or useful? 

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