Ten happy moments of the week

I missed my happy moments post last Friday, so this one includes some moments from the week prior too. 

1. So many laughs at the Thanksgiving table! I'm so thankful for a family that doesn't take things too seriously and isn't afraid to be silly. 

2. Finally getting started on my holiday shopping. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about getting it all done, but I made a list of people I want to buy for and I'm just going to get to it. 

3. Turkey terrifics. They make me oh so happy. 

4. We had a little power outage a few Sundays ago, which stressed me out at first because I had things I needed to cook, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because BryGuy and I enjoyed an few hours of technology-free cuddling and laughing in bed. 

5. Taking a little time out from cooking prep to go race go-karts with my family.

6. Going to see Catching Fire with my bro and sis. I love when just the three of us get to hang out. 

7. Christmas decorations. I just love seeing my office and the city all spruced up with poinsettias, lights, trees, wreaths and all that good stuff. 

8. I loved meeting up with some of my former coworkers for lunch, it was so nice to catch up and hear about everything they've been up to and I'm really proud of them both.

9. Bry singing Johnny Mathis Christmas carols in the car. He does a really good impression, you should ask him to sing for you. 

10. Finding my credit card that I dropped and realizing someone is definitely watching over me. 

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  1. Glad to learn about these happy moments of the week!! It's good to know you really had great time in the Thanksgiving table. Although I truly have great time last week as well.


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