A reunion dinner

I met up with these crazy girls for a little reunion dinner at the The Ginger Man in Albany. This is the first time we've all been back in the area in a long time and we had a dinner filled with laughs, hilarious gift giving, alcoholic beverages, and a special announcement! The Ginger Man is nostalgic for our group and it didn't disappoint this time. The food was great and the atmosphere was perfect for a catch-up with my bffs.

First we start with beverages. Linds and I split a bottle of wine and Tori went with a cocktail. Unfortunately, it wasn't her favorite cocktail but it looked pretty!

Lindsey gifted us some Egyptian specialties. Yes, you're reading that right, it's virginity soap. 

This cheese board is the truth. It's my favorite thing on the menu for sure!

I went with the lobster roll, which is buttery perfection. 

Tori and Anne ordered a southwest chicken salad which they said was perfectly dressed and the chicken was flavorful.

Linds had the short rib sliders, I tried a bite and they were yummy! 

Don't worry, this is just a joke. 

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