Ten happy moments of the week

Image credit: Meisi Photography on Flickr, image found on Pinterest

1. Wine, wine, wine - it is the nectar of the Gods after all. I love smelling it, swirling it, swooshing it, slurping it and guzzling it from an over-sized wine glass. No, I don't have a problem. You have a problem -- you're judgmental!

2. Beyonce's secret album release. Merry Christmas to all! 

3. A weekend away with some great girls. There were so many laughs and stories shared. 

4. Decorating the tree and house for the holidays with BryGuy. During our decorating we decided that we are going to start a new tradition this year to exchange a special gift on Three Kings Day

5. Finding a killer deal on an awesome chair. I was doing some holiday shopping at TJ Maxx yesterday and came across this hidden gem in the back of the store away from the rest of the furniture. Bry and I have been looking for just the right piece to finish off our living room and this might just be it! Photos to come soon. 

6. Safe travels. It was a bit of a scary ride there heading up to New York this weekend and I'm feeling blessed to have made it in one piece with no major issues. 

7. Home Alone 2. I can't get enough and I laugh out loud every time. 

8. Planning a mini-reunion with my high school girlfriends when we're all back "home" in December. I'm so excited to see them! 

9. Checking off lot of items from my Christmas list. I'm so thankful for Amazon Prime and two-day shipping! 

10. Coming home from the weekend to a clean house and a husband who missed me. It doesn't get much better than that. 


  1. I always forget what awesome furniture TJ Maxx has. I can't wait to see what you got! Also, where's "home" for you?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for checking out my blog! Home is originally upstate New York, (Albany area) my parents and my husband's parents still live there so that's where we head for the holidays :)


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