Feeling like a turkey

I hope you didn't forget about me! I certainly didn't forget about you! I really had all intentions of writing a few posts on this here blog while I was in New York for Thanksgiving. I even brought home my laptop and camera! But alas, family time got the best of me and I left you hanging all week. We were hosting my aunt, uncle and cousins for the week so we had a full house and it was awesome. We took a little break from prepping and cooking on Wednesday to visit FastTrax Raceway which recently opened by my parent's house. Then Thursday, we stuffed our faces. All day long. The rest of the week and weekend involved hanging with friends, playing games (my family is big on games), watching movies, celebrating my grandma's birthday and eating turkey leftovers (so. much. turkey.) See photos from the holiday below. 

I'm on the left, Bry and my dad are in the right photo.
Cousins on left, bro on right
Turkey Day photos: 
Even Titan got to partake in a turkey feast...although first he had to balance the feast on his head. 

Meet the Turkey Terrific - it's turkey dinner in sandwich form but cold on the most delicious Portuguese bread in the world which can only be found on Nantucket.  

Happy birthday Grandma! 

The cousins!

Hanging with my family all weekend has me all excited for Christmas! I can't wait to go back in three weeks. Can you believe that?! Christmas is only three weeks away? What the.... 

How was your turkey day? Are you sick of turkey meat yet? Did you get any holiday shopping done? Tell me all about it! 

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