Haters they gonna hate

A brief narrative about how I plan to contribute more positive energy to society. 

Look up any article. I mean, any article about CrossFit and read the comments section. The majority of comments are going to fall into one of two categories. 

Category 1: The Uber Enthusiast
"CrossFit is the tits. It's saved my life and my marriage. My only true friends in life are my fellow CrossFitters and I can't wait to open up my own box one day and change other peoples' lives.*" - Susie Crossfitter (Yes, they're really called boxes, which is gross.)

Category 2: The Angry Fitness Expert
"CrossFit is the worst thing ever. This "cult" is not a "real" sport, it's elitist, and people get hurt or die from it. Doing CrossFit should be illegal and Greg Glassman is just trying to take all of your money.*" - Danny Downer (FYI Glassman is the founder of CrossFit Inc.)


I get it, the internet brings out the extreme people, while 99 percent of population falls somewhere in the middle. But here's the thing, no matter how you feel about CrossFit, love it or hate it, why you gotta be so negative, Danny Downer

It's not just CrossFit. That's just my long-winded example. 

It's anything...politicians, celebrities, same-sex marriage, a television show, whatever. There's so much hate about everything. 

If we don't like someone or something for whatever reasons, why do we feel the need to voice it (literally or digitally?) Why can't the policy be that if you don't like something, you just don't do it, support it, or give it any of your time?

If you tried CrossFit and you weren't into it, then you probably shouldn't do it. If you don't believe in same-sex marriage, then you probably shouldn't marry someone of the same sex. If you don't like that television show or award performance, then maybe you should change the channel. If you don't like the current President, then you should support or join the campaign of the candidate you do support. 

Sorry for going all hippie on you, but all that negativity is really draining and accomplishes nothing. I just creates more negative energy. 

Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not suggesting that we sit passively by and not fight for the societal causes and injustices that we believe in. Because I'm all for that, but I think this other stuff -- the celebrity gossip, the political radicalism, the internet trolling -- it is all creating a civilization full of bullies. 

And we know how serious that epidemic is. Just watch the Today Show for about five minutes and you're bound to hear about bullying. 

I'd like to try to put some more positive content out in the universe. I'm a huge fan of Upworthy.com, their content usually makes me smile or cry (happy tears.) I'd like to see people posting more about the good things in their day instead of the minor moments that were frustrating or annoying. That's why I started my ten happy moments post each week. 

So here's my personal pledge: "I pledge not to write negative remarks on the internet about things that do not personally impact me." 

No more of that... "I overheard a dumb broad on the train today," or "here's a photo of a person in some ill-fitting leggings," or "can you believe that provocative thing that Miley did last week?" 

What does all of that accomplish? Nothing. And truth be told, it's a form of bullying. 

AND before you start saying something about free speech. I'm all for it. Free speech, that is. It gives me the right to sound off on this hear blog whenever I damn well please. But, just because we have the right to speak freely. Doesn't mean we have to exercise it. 


Just kidding, I'm done.

Are you willing to make the pledge? Is there something else we can be doing to put out more good vibes into the universe? 

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