A friendsgiving feast

It's that time of year when you wear your stretchy pants and prepare to go into a full-blown food induced coma --there's no avoiding it. We got together with some of our nearest and dearest to join around the table and share in a Friendsgiving feast. The food was amazing and we had so many laughs! I'm proud to call this group my family and I'm feeling extremely blessed to have you all in my life. I wish everyone safe and easy travels and hope you enjoy every moment with your families! Happy turkey day! Gobble, gobble. 

More photos from Friendsgiving below:

Our hostest with the mostest, Ms. Ana! 

Pineapple stuffing! Which should be a dessert but is served as a side. 

 A moist and delicious turkey prepared by the one and only Leslie! 

It's all gravy baby. 

And in case we didn't load up on enough carbs already... here is some delicious pumpkin bread and homemade stuffin'

Before and after tequila shots! #janeproblems

 Min: Five to ten minutes?!? Really bro?!?

 George: Yeah, really. 

And this is how babies happen. A pilgrim checks out an Indian, and then the Indian attacks the pilgrim's mouth. 

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