Ten happy moments of the week

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1. Peppermint tea with a drop of vanilla extract! I've been trying to get my hands on this Butter Mint tea but they don't sell it in the States and the company is not being sympathetic to my begging emails... so screw them, I made my own version.  

2. Baking some more pumpkin cupcakes together with BryGuy this week so he could bring them to a work potluck. And by "together" I mean he pulled out the ingredients, preheated the oven and patiently watched me, while staying out of my way. 

3. Fun at Yeezus

4. A good old fashioned "punch off" at a local pub. For a dollar you get to test your punching strength on a punching bag machine. I'm not that good...what can I say? I'm a lover. Not a fighter. 

5. Having a total New Girl binge-fest on Netflix this week. Every night we've been watching it and laughing until our bellies hurt. 

6. A successful work event on Wednesday night that was fun and touching! But I'm most happy that it's over! 

7. Eating the best chocolate croissant I've ever found in the U.S. at Agiato in Manayunk and watching the marathoners pass by. I was especially happy to not be in their shoes. 

8. Taking full advantage of the Bloody Mary bar at Bourbon Blue during Sunday Funday with my CFMY peeps. 

9. Making plans for an impromptu Friendsgiving that's quickly coming together. I have so much to look forward to in the new few weeks!

10. Finding a cobbler to fix my riding boots! After I paid an arm and leg for them to be fixed once (and only to have them break again after the second wear) it was really awesome to find someone that would fix them the right way and give me a good deal on the repair! I totally recommend Roxborough Shoe & Luggage Repair for all of your shoe and leather needs. 

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  1. Cosign shout outs to Yeezus, Bourbon Blue's BYOBMB (Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar, I'm not CFMY peep), and Agiato's croissants that dissolve on your tongue!

    We're also having a Friends-giving in DC on Sunday! We thought we were the only clever ones!


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