Ten happy moments of the week

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1. Having a little Sunday "family" dinner with great friends. Sometimes it is so challenging to live so far from my family. I miss just being able to go over to my parents' house and have a nice big dinner with them. But when you live a distance from your family, your friends become your family and it's so nice to have those times where you share a meal and relax together. 

2. A renewed commitment to making healthier eating choices and a great start on that new commitment this week. 

3. Not spending money on coffee this week. I have a coffee machine at my desk so there's really no reason to go out and spend money when I can make my own (except laziness.) 

4. Lots of positive news content these days. I'm a huge fan of the site, Upworthy and think it's great to hear stories about positive things happening instead of just tragedies (hello local news.) Some of the best stuff I saw this week was this, this and this

5. Watching my father-in-law get inducted into his college's Hall of Fame and feeling so proud and blessed to have him in my life. 

6. Hearing that someone tried out my paleo chicken chili recipe and it was a hit! 

7. Lunch dates with BryGuy during the work week. I'm so happy he doesn't work in the 'burbs anymore.

8. I know I gushed about this in my previous happy moments posts, but I really really like where I work. United Way Week was a blast and it ended on the best note possible when I won tickets to a comedy club, a credit for Uber car service, a free night at an awesome hotel in Philly, and gift certificates to two restaurants! Jackpot baby! 

9. Having a skype date with my wonderful, talented, and amazing girlfriend who lives in Egypt. I miss her so so so so so much but I'm starting the count-down until her visit to the States in December. 

10. It's Friday! And that's always a reason to be happy. 

Tell me about your positive moments of the week, pretty pretty please!


  1. An LJ top ten moment was impromptu QT with my good friend MJ last night:)

    1. Yay me too! I love when I find fellow "Jeans." Most people in our generation are Anne, Lynn, or Marie middle names ;)


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