Yeezus concert review

This weekend I attended the Yeezus concert in Philadelphia with a group of friends. I have to say that I was really impressed with his performance and the theatrics. We all know Kanye is a little weird these days, but I really felt like he was trying to do something artistic and authentic. I mean you have to admit, the guy doesn't come off so well in interviews... but I feel like through his concert I saw a more genuine side of him. 

His song choices were excellent. Of course he sang a lot of stuff from the Yeezus album, but mixed in hits like Jesus Walks and Through the Wire from College Dropout, Runaway and All of the Lights from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (arguably my favorite album), and Coldest Winter from the 808s album.

His set had a spectacular mountain that split in half and spit fireworks. There was an odd screen above the mountain that sometimes showed close-up footage of Ye in a masked/bedazzled ensemble but mostly showed words (think Star Wars opening scene) or images of the sky. There was a weird monster-like creature that made an appearance, and a Jesus-like character, and then nearly nude women with stockings over their faces. I'm sure everything had a deep meaning to Kanye, but most of it was just entertaining to me. 

All in all it was a great night. This is the second time I've been to a concert at the Wells Fargo Center and both times we got tickets for club level seats, which I highly recommend. Basically it's a boxed section with about 100 seats, a private bar, and your own bathrooms. It's great because you can get a drink or run to the restroom without really missing any part of the show. 

Oh, are you wondering what I ended up wearing? I basically went with a variation of option 1. I had camo jeggings, a long tank, my black leather jacket and booties. It was comfortable and a little rocker grunge. 

Photo by Bianca R.

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