What to wear to Kanye's Yeezus concert

I'm heading to the Yeezus concert this Saturday and have been searching high and low for a little outfit inspiration. I wouldn't want to disappoint Ye, being that he's a creative fashion genius and all, with his leather jogging pants. With that being said, I think there's a few ways you can go with this, comfortable bad-ass, sexy video girl, urban glam, or an edgy punk look. 

Which look would you go with? 

I'm leaning towards outfit number one because I love my new leather jacket that was a birthday gift from Bry and I'm trying to wear it as much as possible, and I think this look will be the most comfortable and weather-appropriate. 

Outfit 1
Yeezus Concert - Option 1

Outfit 2
Yeezus Concert - Option 2

Outfit 3
Yeezus Concert - Option 3

Outfit 4
Yeezus Concert - Option 4

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