Halloween was fun this year! We got a few adorable trick or treaters and attended a super fun costume party. I'm not one of those people that's particularly crazy about Halloween, I find the whole thing stressful -- trying to come up with a creative costume, spending way too much money on something you can't wear again. Plus, I have high standards for costumes, so I can't just buy one of those overpriced ones from a costume store that feel like they are going to disintegrate. 

This year I used a few things that I had lying around and bought a couple of accessories to complete my 20s flapper look. BryGuy decided to be a Dia de los Muertos guy so we bought some high quality face paint and a cool hat and then he just wore black clothes that he already owned (including his tuxedo jacket.) 

My dress is by Pissaro Nights and was purchased from Nordstrom for $178. It was actually a floor length gown (ankle length on the model, but I'm short) so I had it shortened to wear to my rehearsal dinner, since I was looking for a dress with a little 20s party vibe for that occasion. I think my seamstress charged me about $50 to shorten it because the bead work made it a little more complicated than a simple hem. 

I decided it would be the perfect starting point for my 20s costume. I headed over to JoAnn Fabrics to get some fringe trim to attach to the bottom to complete the flapper look. Don't worry I didn't actually sew it on! I used safety pins to attach it to the bottom of the dress so it can be easily removed and no harm done! 

The beads and headband feather were purchased from Pierre's Costumes. In hindsight, I could have made the headband and pearl necklace with items from JoAnn and saved myself a little dinero but they weren't terribly expensive so I don't feel bad about taking the easy way out! Then I added a big pearl cocktail ring, pearld drop earrings, some burgundy nail polish and lipstick and tan pumps to complete the look. All in the actual "costume" portion of this outfit (excluding the dress which I already owned) cost less than $25! 

For Bry's costume or rather face paint. We browsed the web for some ideas and settled on this one for inspiration. Then we got to painting, first Bry covered his whole face in the white and then he sat down and let the artist (me) get to work. The paint was a high quality costume paint also purchased from Pierre's Costumes so it applied with a lot of pigment and even though my lines weren't perfect, it was pretty forgiving. Then he threw on the hat (also from Pierre's,) black jeans, a black tee, and his tuxedo jacket and boom, look complete. 

There were some very creative costumes this year, I'm going to have to start thinking about what I want to be for next year so I don't have to throw anything together last minute! 

Did you dress up? What was the most creative costume you saw this Halloween? 

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