A Jersey house party and a great Sunday

Last weekend we took a little drive up to Neshanic Station, New Jersey to have a little cookout and campfire with some friends that we haven't seen in a while. It's amazing that you can drive less than an hour outside of Philadelphia and feel like you are a million miles away. The area is absolutely gorgeous, the trees are turning colors, the rolling hills are breathtaking and the are farm animals at every turn. We stayed at Nicole's parent's house which is so gorgeous and cozy. 

This is my pal Nicole, cooking us up some delicious food for dinner. We spent the night hanging out by the fire and playing some lawn games. The favorite game (of course) was Hammerschlagen, which Nicole had learned about at my family's annual Oktoberfest party. Yay, hammerschlagen has been introduced to Jersey! 

The next morning we drove over to Lambertville for some brunch at the Full Moon Cafe, which has an impressive eggs benedict menu. I went with a benedict that was served on a croissant. BryGuy had the crab benedict and our friends both had a version made with bacon, yummmm. 

After brunch we strolled through beautiful Lambertville and crossed the Delaware River to get to charming New Hope, Pennsylvania.  

We checked out a few boutiques and antique shops and soaked in the crisp fall air. 

After some leisurely window shopping through Lambertville and New Hope we parted ways with our friends and headed on the road back to Philadelphia. Until we saw this sign... 
We pass the New Hope Winery every time we take the trip between New York and Philly and we always say we should stop. Well this time, we gave it a try. They had some delicious wines, my favorite was a spiced wine flavored with orange peel and cloves and was served warm. For $10 you get to try five different wines and you get a souvenir wine glass to take with you. 

It was really such a nice weekend. It's always good to spend some quality, unrushed time with friends and just explore new towns and try new things. 


  1. Marissa you're a wonderful photographer! :]

    1. Thanks bioartist! I'm slowly but surely working on improving my photography. I purchased a dslr over the summer (along with a dummies book) so I'm trying to figure it out on my own, but I think I'll eventually take a photography class to hone my skills.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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