Oktoberfest 2013

It was another successful Collen Family Oktoberfest this past weekend (read about last year's party here). Although the drizzly weather caused the event to be a little smaller than usual, we had a great time playing lawn games and hammerschlagen, trying new beers, eating brats and franks, and spending quality time with friends and family. This year, we added a new feature to the festivities -- fireworks! The little kiddies were particularly impressed. 

Titan is practicing his circus routine. 

I am practicing my two-handed swing... which is totally illegal. 

The leaves were particularly gorgeous in New York this past weekend. Even though Albany is only about four hours away from Philadelphia, it's like they are a whole season ahead of us. I hope we get a little bit of autumn weather in Philly (I'm talking sweaters and boots without the need for jackets and gloves) and don't just skip straight to winter! 

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