Picking apples in West Chester

Despite the forecast last weekend, it turned out to be a gorgeous couple of days! On Saturday, we woke up to a surprisingly sunny and dry day and decided that we should take advantage of our good fortune and make the drive to on of our favorite apple orchards! Well actually, it's the only orchard we've ever visited outside of Philadelphia. We discovered Highland Orchards last year on our quest for cider donuts last year and decided that we needed to make it an annual tradition. 

This year we also decided to pick some apples, but I think it was a little late in the season since the pickings were slim (or maybe we're just spoiled from growing up in Upstate New York.) After we picked our apples, we ventured by the Highland Orchards antique shop, and then headed on over to the market and bakery. 

We went home with some pumpkins for carving, a bag of apples, some spicy mustard, a dozen of the most delicious cider donuts you could ever lay your tongue on, and a gallon of fresh cider. Are you drooling yet? 

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