Ten happy moments of the week

Image credit: Tanya Berestova

1. Not thinking I could do a particular workout at the gym (105 lb thrusters) and then totally killing it -- it felt especially good after having a week of workouts where I seemed to have no strength or energy. 

2. The nice guy at the Green Street Cafe who is always so cheerful in the morning and serves up a delicious cup of joe. 

3. Receiving a gorgeous leather jacket for my birthday from the marvelous BryGuy.

4. A sweet voicemail from my bestest gal pal across the ocean!

5. Discovering a new salad that I love at Honey Grow.

6. Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of birthday love received from new and old friends. 

7. A new Top Chef season started on Wednesday and the cast looks really impressive!

8. Hearing the news that my little bro passed his driving test. Do you think he'll be my personal chauffeur this weekend? I hope so. 

9. A catch-up lunch with former co-workers and the most delicious mussels from Monk's Cafe.

10. Listening to the barbell shrugged podcast on our drive to New York. Those guys really make me chuckle. 

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