Guest post by BryGuy: Suit up

Sorry for taking so long mi gente. I am so proud of Marissa and all the hard work she has done since my last post. She really is doing a great job (+2 brownie points). But, in the words of the great Randy Quaid, from the film based on true events depicting why we celebrate our Independence Day...

As opposed to just dumping my random thoughts on to the page (like my last blog takeover), this post will have a sold, cohesive message...SUITS! So, I was feeling kind of down about my suits. I have this awesome custom-made tux that I can only wear after 6 p.m., but I didn't have an everyday suit that felt as good. So what is a man to do?!

Okay, enough of my favorite YouTube videos. To remedy this issue, I went over to Henry A. Davidsen to consult with my tailor. Before, I even get there, I send him some info of what I am looking for i.e. style, fit, color, budget. 

We then meet and go over fabrics and what features I want. It was really easy this time around since he just measured me last year for my tux. 
He then goes off and he and his master tailors construct the whole thing. I come back about five weeks later (yeah, don't stop by if you want a suit for your bro's wedding next week). 

I try it on and he makes some additional tweaks to make sure it fits just the way I want it.

He and his tailors then take about a week to finalize these adjustments and I pick it up. Check out the final product below.

Aside from the amazing feeling of a suit made just for you, the whole experience is really fun and the shop just oozes manliness.

They recently started offering grooming services, so you can get all of your look-sexy essentials in one awesome location. T.R.I.M. at Henry A. Davidsen offers straight-razor shaves, haircuts and steam facials complete with top-of-the-line products for men. 

So go get yourself a new suit and top it off with a fresh hair cut and a hot shave! 

See ya gang. Until next time!


  1. Hey B, what's the budget look like for the suit, pants, shoes? That would help some of us get a feel for what it takes, or what we can expect. I certainly don't want to be blind-sighted by dollar signs.

    Also, how did you establish a rapport with your tailor? Try out a couple of them or just had a good experience with one and stuck with him?

    Lookin good tho! See you next week at homecoming!

    1. Bryan - All in, the suit was $800. There are certainly more expensive options as well. They have a few different pricing levels with plenty of fabric and color options at each level, depending on what you're willing to spend. Obviously, at the higher pricing you're getting better fabric, construction and additional customized features.

      Also, the owner of Henry Davidsen went to Penn so that is how we met, but last year was the first time I actually purchased anything from him. He was great to work with when I was having my tux made, so that started the whole relationship and I knew I would go back to him for a future suit purchase. The whole experience was really easy, educational and not intimidating at all.

      Believe it or not, the shoes are Allen Edmonds that I actually found at a consignment shop for $26!

    2. $26?! Damn, those are some nice shoes...

    3. Min, he wouldn't want me sharing his secret, but I will anyway. He got them at Green Street Consignment on Main. Apparently there's a guy with a lot of nice stuff that has the exact same shoe size as B...he picked up a practically new pair of Sperry Top-Siders there too.

  2. In my experience, you ain't getting a suit made for you for under $1200 unless you're Steve Nash reppin' Indochino.


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