Ten happy moments of the week

Image credit: Felix Meyer

1. A surprise visit from my sister and her boyfriend on a random Wednesday night. 

2. Middle of the night snuggles. 

3. Spaghetti dinner with homemade garlic bread, since we rarely eat pasta or bread, this was an unbelievable treat. 

4. Spending quality time with my family last weekend for Oktoberfest and laughing way too hard at Cards Against Humanity. 

5. Catching a dude rocking out in his car...using actual drumsticks on his steering wheel. 

6. Enjoying a quiet night to myself at home with a book and a cozy blanket (because BryGuy was out gallivanting with a friend.) 

7. Finally, new episodes of How I Met Your Mother are available on Netflix!

8. A new apple pie candle (birthday present from the bro) that smells divine even when it's not lit. 

9. Scoring a whole bunch of new clothes for the fall at Marshall's while in New York. It's so much easier to shop in suburbia!

10. Picking up some pumpkins and gourds at the market to add a little fall decor to our house.

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