Stephen Starr's newest Philly restaurant, Serpico is receiving a flurry of positive attention lately (Review by Craig LaBan and Philly Mag Article) and I'm going to jump right on that bandwagon. Bry and I visited Serpico for a little birthday celebration

We ordered almost everything on the menu. Not really, but we ordered a lot of food. And left in pure food-coma blissfulness. Upon first entrance it's a dimly lit room, the walls are decked out in subway tiles and giant chalkboards filled with beautifully written menus. We took a seat at the chef's counter so we could be on the front lines of all the happenings in the kitchen.

We ordered the duck liver mousse, chilled dashi soup, deep fried duck leg, sliced pig head, corn ravioli, lamb ribs for two, and the brown butter apple cake for dessert. 

My favorite items were the fried duck leg, the corn ravioli, and the lamb ribs which were unbelievably rich and flavorful. So much of the food was unlike anything I ever have tasted before (especially the dashi soup with mustard oil). It was a real culinary treat! 

I highly recommend you put it on your list of places to try. It's perfect for a date night or even just appetizers and drinks if you're trying to watch your wallet. 

Sorry about some of the blurry photos. I feel weird bringing the canon to restaurants so we had to go with the cell phone cam.

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