The Quest for Cider Doughnuts

In anticipation of Hurricane Sandy, BryGuy and I decided that we needed to go out and stock up on a few essential items. You know things like batteries, candles, water, alcohol, food, etc. On this list of "essentials" was cider doughnuts. Hey, if we're going to be trapped in our apartment for a few days, we want some sugary treats to shove down our pie holes.

cider doughnuts
Cider Donuts
BryGuy spent a few minutes on the Google Machine and soon enough we discovered there was an orchard 35 miles away. Highland Orchards also is acclaimed as the Best of Philly winner for best cider doughnuts, so it was only natural that we had to hop in the car and get to these doughnuts! We pulled up to the most adorable farm, complete with goats, a little vintage shop, lots of apples and root veggies, a bakery, and activities for the kiddies. 

We grabbed a gallon of apple cider, a dozen cider doughnuts, and a basket of apples. We parked our derrières at a picnic tablea and started to dig in. It was such a mild and beautiful Autumn day it's hard to believe there's a superstorm about to wreak havoc on the Northeast.

Diggin' in!

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I concur - I don't need to try any more donuts, these are the best!
Loads of cool stuff in the vintage shop 


BryGuy is really thinking about that doughnut...
Gords galore
Jams on jams on jams

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