Why Italy is Cooler than America

Let me preface this by saying I really don’t think that Italy is that much cooler than America. Just cooler in certain ways. Ways that I think are perfectly adaptable in the U.S. and could ultimately make us the coolest of all.

Inexpensive wine is available at every restaurant. At every restaurant no matter how fancy or casual you can get a bottle (yes, a BOTTLE) of house wine for 8-10 euros. It’s also delicious house wine, better than many $40 bottles at restaurants in the U.S. Yes, I know this has a lot to do with proximity and import tariffs, but we produce some excellent wines in the States and there are very few restaurants that have a decent selection of bottles under $20. 

Mopeds. Enough said. 

A general slower pace of life. There’s no rush walking down the street and Italians are certainly in no hurry to finish a meal. In fact, it’s almost a challenge to get your bill at the end of your dinner. The waitstaff is perfectly content letting you sit at your table for hours after you’re done eating, just chatting and drinking your wine or an espresso. It seems they just have a better grasp on how to live in the moment.

A respect for the history. You think Philadelphia and Boston have history? Just walk down any street in Rome and realize our few hundred years doesn’t even touch their thousands of years. I was impressed to see that they keep the architecture intact and honor it, while mixing the historic facades with ultra-modern interior decor. I think it’s a fabulous way to honor the past while living in the present. 

People can wear sweaters tied around their necks and not look ridiculous. You know that just left the country club look where your cable knit sweater is tied around your neck over your pastel hued polo shirt? Well yea, not like that. The Italians do the sweater around the neck thing and manage to not look like a d-bag. Frankly, this seems like a suitable way to bring a sweater with you and still remain hands free. 

Happy Monday! I'm already dreaming about this 70 degree weather that's being promised for the weekend. I may have to hit the beach.

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