Ten happy moments of the week

1. Getting to use my Kitchen Aid mixer for the first time ever! It's really a thing of beauty... and I used it to make delicious pumpkin cupcakes so this is really so many happy moments rolled into one. 

2. Catching up with our good friend Abdi, during an impromptu visit. Abdi lives and works in New Orleans and he's an incredibly talented artist. Check out website: http://abdifarah.com

3. Introducing hammerschlagen to some new folks and having an old fashioned house party (high school style.) 

4. Finally becoming a part of the 200 lb. back squat club, it's been a long time coming. I also hit a new PR (personal record) on my dead lift (and beat my old PR by 45 lbs! Say what!?) 

5. Seeing a breathtaking sunset as I left work yesterday, the sky was pink like cotton candy! 

6. Meeting BryGuy for some sushi and bubble tea at lunchtime is the perfect way to get my work week started

7. Checking out New Hope, PA for the first time and totally falling in love. Well really, I fell in love with Lambertville and New Hope. I could spend a whole weekend walking around those two quaint towns and checking out all of their shops and restaurants!

8. Heading down to The Tavern (a bar in our neighborhood) to meet up with friends for SundayFunday. Also, it made me chuckle that naturally all the guys were near the bar watching the games, and the girls were huddled around a table and just chatting about life. Typical. 

9. Google Chromecast has arrived! Now we can watch Netflix in our bedroom... this could be good, or very very bad. But right now I say it's good. 

10. Discovering a new store at King of Prussia that I really like, called Dynamite. It feels like a boutique but the prices are pretty affordable and the clothing feels like a step up in quality from a H&M or Forever 21. Total side note: Forever 21 has some amazing sweaters right now for the fall/winter. Go stock up!

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  1. I love that picture of the canal in Lambertville!!! The colors are amazing! I may want to get it framed...


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